Statement of Coven Intent

As members of LunaSolis Coven we create a safe, powerful, working circle of women that contains and supports our spiritual paths. 

We are a mystery school based in eclectic American Wicca that incorporates spiritual and shamanic practices that are universal. Ours is a path of gratitude and celebration, where spiritual development comes experientially.

Our environment provides a sacred space for learning and inner transformation. Our tools include ceremony, celebration, and teaching workshops to support each member through a progressive degree system of learning.

Each member of the group has an individual voice. At the same time, she reveals the one voice that is the culmination of all members and the diversity of the group.

We value creativity and believe each of us reflects our own connections to Deity as these reveal themselves to us as individuals and as a group. We believe that the coven evolves as we do.

The coven experience enhances our solitary practices, and our solitary practices enhance what we bring to the coven.

We celebrate a deep connection to Nature by honoring the cycles of the seasons and the heritage of the place where we live, in the heart of the Finger Lakes.