There are great benefits to be gained in one's personal spiritual growth by working with others. LunaSolis Coven of Ithaca, NY, was founded in 2003, so we have a long track record of continual meetings and ritual.

We are a mystery school based in eclectic American Wicca, incorporating spiritual and shamanic practices that are universal. We meet every other Saturday and celebrate the eight major holidays on the Wheel of the Year.

Our meeting place has a room set aside solely for our work, a labyrinth, stone circle, and May Pole that we weave annually. We also take field trips to the many beautiful places here in Ithaca. 

We are a teaching coven with a structured program of four degrees:

Candidate (Starlight Circle) - Basic Wicca, the Wheel of the Year, Sabbats, Esbats, ritual, magic, divination.

First Degree Priestess - Putting training into practice. Teaching, leading ritual, and delving into areas of particular interest.

Second Degree Priestess - Continuing in-depth study, including healing, teaching,  and leadership.

Third Degree High Priestess - Prepare yourself to lead a coven and to take an active and visible role in your community.

Merry Meet!

LunaSolis Coven is

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