We are looking for like-minded women to join us.  Those who enjoy a deeper exploration of study, research, and experience  are the people who are drawn to LunaSolis. Interested women are invited to attend Starlight Circle, so that they can learn about this path, our group, and decide if they would like to join us beyond the introductory period.

The Circle is a series of workshops and rituals held over six months, as well as a set of additional requirements to be done on your own. Starlight Circle is a dynamic environment of two-hour meetings, led by members of LunaSolis Coven. All of the material in the candidates’ requirements will be covered, and candidates are expected to take what they learn at meetings to a deeper level to complete the outside requirement work. When the six-month Circle concludes, Candidates may apply for initiation into the Coven.

Interested? Some things to consider:

We ask that prospective members be over 21 years of age. We meet alternate Saturday afternoons during the noon to 3 p.m. time period, so those who work Saturdays or have ongoing commitments that would prevent them from being avaiilble would not be a good fit.  Our meeting location is outside the city limits and not on a bus route, so you need your own vehicle.

Our next Starlight Circle starts in spring 2019 but we are offering a once a month gathering for interested women to carry us through until then.

Questions?  Please contact us and we will be happy to answer them.